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Perks of Serviced Accommodations

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Comfort doesn't always have to be expensive!

Whether you are travelling for leisure or for work, one of the biggest considerations you make is where to stay temporarily away from home so you can get the best value for your money. Although hotels seem to be the first option, serviced accommodations are recently becoming a favourite alternative.

Why should you consider booking a serviced accommodation? Here are some of the most significant reasons:


Hotel rooms can be quite small, and larger suites can be really expensive. Serviced accommodations provide a generous space guests can have entirely for themselves. Compared to the limited space in hotel rooms, serviced accommodations are generally larger. Depending on how many are staying, guests can book a studio, a two-bedroom apartment or a larger house instead of getting separate hotel rooms or worse, staying in a cramped space that does not give guests their money’s worth.

Aside from a large living area, serviced accommodations also offer dedicated spaces for cooking, dining, laundry, and in some cases, smoking. Larger properties often have gardens where guests can bond over BBQ, hot tubs and all things fun.


Staying in a hotel for an extended period of time would cost a hefty amount. Downgrading to a less satisfactory hotel to meet the budget may compromise the quality of service a guest may receive. This is why serviced accommodations have become a more affordable and more practical alternative among backpackers.

Aside from relatively cheaper rates, staying in serviced accommodations is cost-efficient. Instead of eating out or having food delivered, guests can choose to cook their own meals. WiFi is usually provided free of charge, so there’s no need to spend more on mobile data. Guests can also spare some cash by doing their own laundry instead of paying on launderettes.

Another attractive feature among most serviced accommodations are free parking spaces. While vehicle parking may be challenging in some areas, most serviced properties offer free parking on the street or within the premises. That’s more money saved to spend on other things like food or pocket money for the next adventure.

Homely Feel

Although serviced accommodations provide temporary lodging, they are designed with the comfort of guests in mind. Unlike lonely hotel rooms, serviced properties allow guests to go on with their usual routine. Meet friends not in the lobby, but in your living area. Gather colleagues for a meeting or family members for a quick catchup without needing to reserve a function hall.

Escape the hustle of the city by choosing properties in the more quiet neighborhoods or ones near the coast. Serviced properties are cosy spaces where guests can cook their own food while in their favourite pajamas.

Operators of serviced properties are also accommodating to specific requests. Want a bottle of wine when you arrive? Tell them in advance and they would surely get one to welcome you. Some operators also offer more flexibility on the check-in and check-out times as long as they are advised ahead of time and there is availability.


Adding to the homely feel of serviced accommodations are the appliances and furniture that guests can readily use. From smart TVs (usually with premium subscriptions) in the living area or bedroom to the fully kitted kitchen, all the basic items you would need to survive a day (or more) away from home are provided without additional charges.

While some hotel rooms provide microwaves and kettles, hotel room cooking is not always possible. Serviced accommodations are equipped with cooking essentials, including dishes, silverwares and complimentary condiments. Some units also have dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers.


Some guests opt for hotel rooms so they would not have to lift a single finger during their stay. But did you know that serviced accommodations also provide great housekeeping services? They are maintained and cleaned to hotel standards by professional cleaners who perform different housekeeping duties. Housekeeping for serviced accommodations are also less intrusive as they usually come at the end of each stay, fortnightly or on schedules requested by guests.

Amidst the pandemic, AirBnBs and other short-term rentals continue to provide safe and comfortable accommodations to travelers and workers who need to relocate for a given period.

Homely Spaces is a trusted and recommended provider of serviced accommodations in Bedford and nearby areas. It has been consistently recognised by AirBnB and as a superhost. We’d love to host your next stay away from home. Send us a message to know more about our offered accommodations!


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